Letter to Martha McSally

Email to Arizona-appointed Senator Martha McSally – 1/20/2020 – Eve of Senate Impeachment Trial

Senator McSally,

I am writing to you on the eve of the start of the impeachment proceedings/trial in the Senate against President Trump following his legal impeachment in the U.S. House of Representatives. I am asking that you stay honest and impartial while listening to the evidence presented against the President recently forwarded by the US House of Representatives.

I am asking that you listen to your conscience and honestly assess the materials presented to the Senate instead of simply following the lead of Senator McConnell who has publicly stated he is taking all of his cues for this trial directly from the White House.

I’m hoping you can show some of the leadership skills you repeatedly state you possessed while serving in the Air Force. I’m hoping you can exhibit the integrity demanded of you during your time in the service and stand up for truth, honesty, and supporting all Americans. I’m hoping you can show the bravery that you must have shown many times during your active years in the military and not simply assess the evidence and then vote contrary to what is presented, following the partisan McConnell Republican leadership of the Senate.

I understand that you have sided with President Trump these past 3 years during the course of his Presidency and the period during his original campaign for the office:

  • I’ve never understood how you could have supported and voted in favor of anything Trump put before you all this time as a female legislator, as a former active member of the military (where I’m sure you were subjected to repeated misogyny and overt sexism and harassment), while the President has proven time and again that he has no respect for women and the military.
  • Remember the coarse, lewd, and sexist remarks he’s made and caught on film/audio about his power over women, what he feels justified and empowered to do because of his position of power and his gender.
  • Remember how he has paid hush money to sex workers with whom he’s had extra-marital affairs all the while hypocritically speaking about family values.
  • I’ve never understood how you have sided with the President and supported his actions against Americans of color, people who are trying to have a better life in America but who are treated like criminals and animals. You seem to be as complicit as Trump with tacit support of his policies. 
  • Remember his racist comments and actions, his promotion of violence against his detractors, his support of white nationalists numerous times during his tenure as President.
  • Remember how he has belittled differently-abled Americans.

Again, I hope that you can stand up for justice and help to lead America away from this dark time of corrupt leadership in the White House and the U.S. Senate. I hope you can cast your legacy in a way that your constituents in Arizona can respect your role and not be ashamed of your actions and choices. I hope you can stand up on your own and not follow the obvious partisan leadership of Mitch McConnell and his male, white guard. Remember Senator John McCain and his courage as a leader in the U.S. Senate. Your duty is to serve the residents of Arizona and not to safeguard your job in the Senate.

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