Civility & Biden Presidency

[Posted this on NextDoor – 11/22/2020]

I know it’s hard to have your candidate lose the election: all the hopes and dreams of that candidate’s continued presence in the White House or Senate have been dashed. The thing is, the American people have spoken and a clear victory is obvious for Joe Biden/Kamala Harris (i.e., 302 electoral votes, 78 million votes for Biden/Harris, more than 6 million more than Trump!) and locally (Arizona) for Mark Kelly.

Believe me, I remember the intense feeling of loss and betrayal when Trump won the electoral votes in the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton. I understand the emotional anguish as did the other 3 million of Americans who cast more ballots for Hillary but lost in the electoral count.

My recent post, about my Free Speech rights being curtailed when my political Biden-Harris signs were stolen, was taken removed from NextDoor, I imagine because of the vitriol of some obviously upset Trump supporters. I would like to thank the people who posted in defense of free speech rights.

I was actually surprised that my signs stayed up and not defaced for as long as they did after the election results were solidified; but to the Trump fans, guess what? It’s MY freaking right to have those signs displayed just as it is YOUR right to display your signs for your candidate.

Whoever stole those signs (which I received after my in-person paid contribution to the Pima County Democratic Party office) has made it clear that only THEIR Free Speech rights matter! If an opposing voice speaks up, then that voice must be quashed and removed. White Nationalist movement, Proud Boys, QAnon are obvious reminders of this type of behavior and adjuncts of tyranny.

What I fear now is that, even with Trump finally out of office and hopefully soon unable to personally do more damage to our democracy, his supporters will continue to only see American democracy through the lens of their white nationalism, xenophobia, backwards and narrow views of gender and roles, ending environmental protections, and limiting opportunities for our country to move forward to a just, egalitarian nation.

I hope I’m wrong, but I have little faith that the drooling, sycophant MAGAs will join the majority who voted for science, compassion, brotherhood, women’s rights, environmental protection, and egalitarianism. Remember: The whole world is watching and judging what we do next as a nation!

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  1. Outstanding article by Hamid Dabashi (the Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University): Clearly posits the question: What do we do now with all those folks who voted (a second time! As if the votes cast in 2016 wasn’t bad enough!) for Trump in 2020 election?
    70M votes for Trump

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