I Love Where I Live

Here’s a great post that brings together images, location, and history of murals all over Tucson. There are so many talented artists in our city with visions of Tucson’s culture, heritage, and our many communities.

A mural by Isaac Caruso on the north wall of La Suprema Works & Events, at 319 W. Simpson St. It’s one of several murals and other works of art in the colorful Barrio Viejo neighborhood.


Check out the embedded map to find all the mentioned murals – some are not readily available to the public (like the Sam Hughes Elementary murals).

The wonderful part of many of these murals is the funding by local organizations that decided to add beauty, art, color, and culture to our communities in Tucson. I’m always thankful when I come across a mural in my daily travels – brightens my day and I give thanks to the creativity and love the artist(s) shared with everyone.

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