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Now that you're here, please check out the site and the planned features.

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The WordPress-based version of Beelybox.com has been taken down due to repeated malware infections, SQL injections, configuration alterations etc that were not stopped by the security systems put in place by the web hosting company. So, here we are with a new look and content delivery options.

Please check back soon for updates to this new version of Beelybox.com. Here are some of the features and planned content you'll find here:

  1. All previous content from past incarnations of Beelybox will be available.
  2. New content including commentary on news articles, stories of interest, journal-type entries.
  3. New content from my other social media connections, RSS feeds from interesting sources.
  4. Much more rich-media content from many sources around the web.
  5. I don't have any plans on including ads, auto-start Flash or HTML5 content on this site - too much risk to act as a XSS and malware conduit.

Beelybox Blog

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